2 December 2009

Ben & Jerry's, Manly

Did someone say free ice cream?

How could I resist the lure of a Scoop-A-Thon at the newly opened Ben & Jerry's at Manly, especially when that day was forecast to be 35ÂșC! I joined Suze, Yas, The Ninja's body double, Shez, Richard and Rose for some serious ice-cream eating.

We joined the ever present queue and waited for our turn while the Ben & Jerry's people held competitions giving away free cooler bags and other merchandise. While we were in the queue we decided which flavours to get using these handy flavour cards.

We got our ice creams and sat outside the store where they had installed some fresh grass on the pavement, and we tried and tested all the flavours. My favourite was without a doubt the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough aka Peanut Cookie-Burra Dough! The salty peanut butter with the sweet ice cream was the most amazing combination ever! Phish Food (which doesn't contain any fish food) as also a close second with melty marshmallow bits in the chocolate ice cream.

Clockwise from top: Berry Berry Extraordinary, Chocolate Therapy, Lemonade Stand, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Chocolate Macadamia, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Lemonade Stand.

After Richard and I did some catching up to the others who had already eaten 3 scoops of ice cream before we arrived, Suze, Yas, Richard and I headed down to the beach to get our daily dose of Vitamin D. Yas and Richard did what any foodblogger would do at the beach - make some food instead of sandcastles out of sand and seaweed.

Yas got really creative and made some dumplings and soba nicely presented on a sheet of seaweed haha.

Before heading home we queued up one last time for some more ice cream. This time we got Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz and of course, the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough!

Thanks to Ben & Jerry's for holding the Scoop-A-Thon and letting us have free ice cream for the day! And thanks to Suze for organising a fantastic day =D Head on down to these great blog posts for more info about the Ben & Jerry's Scoop-A-Thon.

Ben & Jerry's
Shop 5 and 6, 25-27 South Steyne
Manly NSW 2100
Ph: +61 2 8966 9219

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  1. Such a pity that I had to miss out on this! Must have been so good to get free scoops of ice cream and play on the beach.

    Should make the trip out there sometime to try out this peanut butter cookie dough ice cream that everyone keeps talking about.

  2. I wonder if the Peanut Cookie-burra Dough will be available in the supermarkets? Need to go back and try more flavours though! When are they opening a city shop?

  3. And I must be the ONLY one who actually had to pay for the ice cream. LOL

  4. Jacqqqqqqqq. Oh mann you guys had lots of fun in the sun. I didnt realise that the line up for ben and jerry's was that huge! OMG and you guys lined up a billion times?!?!?

    lolll hilarious youguys were making seaweed sand dumplings LOLL true foodies you guys are <3 <3.

  5. What's the strawberry cheesecake one like? It's one of the three flavours the Gourmet Grocer in Balmain is selling. I'm jonesing for a B&J fix but IDK if I want to make the trek to Manly this weekend.

  6. Hi Simon - Such a shame you couldn't make it! I think Suze mentioned you were at a wedding :( If you're a peanut butter fan it's definitely worth the trying the peanut butter cookie dough flavour, absolutely TDF!

    Hi Joey - Aw you should have come along with us to get free ice cream! I hope that they make the peanut butter flavour available in supermarkets, then I don't have to wait til I go to Manly to have it!

    Hi Leona - It was a pretty long line but luckily it moved reasonably quickly. Haha I only lined up 3 times but Suze and Yas lined up a grand total of 6 times! Should come and join us at the beach next time =D

    Hi Rose - It's not too bad, Yas thought it was a bit powdery from the bits which were presumably the cheesecake base. I got a couple of nice strawberry chunks in there, but still prefer the chocolate flavours and the peanut butter one over strawberry cheesecake. Are the tubs expensive in the grocery shops?

  7. I can't compare it to how much a scoop would normally cost cos I've only had the free ones, lol. But it's pretty expensive, a small tub (single serve) at the Gourmet Grocer is like $4.95.

  8. OHHHHHH MAHHHHH GWAAAAAAAAAAD *shockingly faint seeing my fat stomach*

    It was so awesome meeting you for the first time!! Hope to catch up again real soon :) You'll be summoned to join us for an evening of multiple dinners & dessert in a row! LOL

  9. Hi Yas - Hahaha ok I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out!! Great meeting you as well! Looking forward to multiple dinners and desserts in the near future hehe

  10. Ahh looks like an awesome day was had. I can't wait to try Ben & Jerry's! Lol at Yas and Richard sand-food!

  11. what a great day you had! I should have gone :)

  12. Hehe yes who would say no to free ice cream! I wanted to go but alas was overseas! :)

  13. Hi Betty - Haha yes, sand-food is probably a sign of a true foodie =P

    Hi Ellie - You should have joined us! Suze showed me your tweet where you were considering coming but yeah I agree that parking in Manly is a bit of a pain!

    Hi Lorraine - Hopefully they'll have another scoop-a-thon in the near future and you'll be in the country for that one!

  14. ahh finally uncapped internet! thanks for making the trek out to manly and hanging out with us at the beach!

  15. Hi chocolatesuze - It wasn't that much of a trek for me compared to you guys but I had a great time! Really nice to meet you!