20 July 2009

Babycakes by Renée, Sydney

After stuffing ourselves silly at Kobe Jones, you would think that there would be absolutely no room for more food. However, when it comes to cupcakes, it seems like our stomachs have saved a special compartment to fit in these delicious sweet morsels.

This is how we came to be at Babycakes by Renée, oohing and aahing over all the flavours and the cuteness factor of the "babycakes". These were very tiny indeed, with the top of the cake being not much bigger than a 20c piece. They offer traditional flavours and gourmet flavours which have more extravagant toppings and cost extra.

Nat and Captain Awesome spy a special offering a babycake and a regular coffee for $3. They both choose hot chocolates, and Nat selects a carrot cake whilst Captain Awesome chooses a chocolate mud. The hot chocolates are deemed a bit too milky with not enough chocolate flavour, but the babycakes are moist and flavoursome.

Captain Awesome's lone chocolate mud babycake - Rich moist mud cake with creamy chocolate ganache, dusted with powdered chocolate

Queen Chu and BLT go all out and order a dozen babycakes. They order lemon and poppyseed, madeira, marbled mud, carrot cake, hokey pokey, chocolate mud, banana cake and mocha mud. The cake itself is moist and tastes like the flavour it claims to be, with the only disappointment being the marbled mud containing no marbling whatsoever. The icing is also tasty, but is spread quite thinly on the top of the cake, and as an icing lover I think it could do with a bit more.

One dozen traditional babycakes - $12.50
Top row: Lemon and poppyseed, madeira, marbled mud, madeira
Middle row: Carrot cake, hokey pokey, chocolate mud, hokey pokey
Bottom row: Lemon and poppyseed, banana cake, mocha mud, chocolate mud

These babycakes are definitely a delicious bite-sized snack, but at $1.20 per babycake they are certainly not cheap. But when your cupcake stomach compartment is calling, these would be a great occasional treat.

Babycakes by Renée
66 Erskine St
Sydney NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 92901297
Monday - Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm

Other locations:
Shop 30, 50 Carlton Cres
Summer Hill NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 97976331

Norton Plaza
55 Norton St
Leichhardt NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 95699590

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  1. I can't believe that I've never been here yet as I have a serious love of all things miniature! The one in the bag looks a little lonely and lost but the ones in the box look much happier ;)

  2. Hi Lorraine - You should pay the shop a visit... the babycakes are very very cute! And yes I felt a bit sorry for that lonely babycake as well =P