9 August 2009

Melody Markets, Chatswood

Some of the best things about Thursdays is that it marks the end of my uni week, and also the Melody Markets are on in Chatswood! Every Thursday there are stalls of food and crafts along outside Westfield Chatswood on Victoria Ave and of course I always go for the food.

Chorizo Roll - $5.50

Sir D particularly likes the garlic prawns and chorizo stall which always smells deliciously of garlic. Today he opts for the chorizo roll complete with accompanying condiments of Mojo Picon sauce (cumin, paprika and garlic), Mojo Verde sauce (coriander, parsely and garlic) and red chillis.

I head straight to the Colotako stall which sells Japanese takoyaki. They started off with only the original octopus flavour and a prawn flavour, but have now also expanded to crab flavour and a vegetable one.

Half prawn and half octopus (8 balls) - $8.00

I get 8 balls with half octopus and half prawn. The octopus balls have bits of octopus inside whereas the prawn ones have a whole prawn with the tail sticking out. Both have bits of pickled ginger and are topped with bonito flakes and their accompanying sauces. I must admit I really love the sauce that goes with the prawn balls and so based on that alone I think I prefer the prawn ones. But really they're both delicious!

Today I've spotted a stall that I've never seen before but I have seen on chocolatesuze... RP's Hungarian Pastries! As you may know I love anything sweet and baked and my eyes are drawn to a pastry covered in sprinkles and I have to have it! I get a half roll and watch as the lady takes it fresh out of the oven where the sugar on the outside is being heated and melted, and then rolls it in a container full of sprinkles! Sprinkles and sugary pastry make Jacq a very happy penguin =D

RP's Kürtös (Sprinkles) - Whole roll: $7.00, Half roll: $4.00

Melody Markets
Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW
Every Thursday, 10am-9pm


  1. We were here last Thursday and had some Chai tow kway other malaysian goodness for dinner. I can never resist the chorizo roll though - Ms. Taste absolutely haaates my garlickness afterwards. Chorizo roll or hugs and kisses? It's a no brainer :P

  2. Hi chocolatesuze - Sprinkles are awesome! =D

    Hi Mr. Taste - Thanks for the comment! The chorizo roll is so good.. I've never noticed it to be particularly garlicky but that might be because I'm too busy concentrating on my own food =D

  3. I love the colotaki stand! :) Is it wrong that I could eat a few dozen of these?

  4. Hi Lorraine - Haha I don't think it's wrong at all! In fact, I would gladly join you ;)

  5. when are the markets coming back? they havent been there latley...

  6. Hi Anon - I haven't been there for a while but according to the Willoughby Council website they should be back on 18th Feb. Hope that helps :)