3 August 2009

Peking Inn, Pymble

Hot and sour soup (Peking style) - $5.80

The great thing about big family dinners at Chinese restaurants is that you end up ordering lots and lots of dishes and getting a taste of everything, which is the way I like it. Sharing is caring, after all ;)

Pigs' ears

Being new to this whole foodblogger thing, I went to dinner with my camera but also with some trepidation about taking photos of food with half my extended family waiting for me to finish before they could eat. I told Mum about my hesitations and upon arriving she annouced to the whole table, "Everyone, Jacqui said to not eat the food until she's taken photos of it!". As such, I did manage to get my photos but not without someone asking me every 10 minutes or so whether it was ok to eat yet. Ah, the life of a foodblogger.

Vegetarian bean curd rolls

We started off with hot and sour soup, and then some cold dishes such as pigs ears and vegetarian bean curd rolls. Apologies for not having the prices for some of these dishes - I couldn't actually find them on the menu!

Shallot pancake - $6.80

One of my favourite savoury Peking dishes is the shallot pancake. I've found that there are 2 types of these - the one pictured above with the crispy fried casing stuffed with shallots and the other one is an actual pancake with shallots. Naturally I prefer the deep fried version =D

Peking duck (2 courses): Peking duck pancakes and Shanghai handmade fried noodles -$48.80

We order the Peking duck (2 courses) tonight, which includes the Peking duck pancakes using the crispy duck skin and the Shanghai handmade noodles using the duck meat. The menu boldy states that the Peking duck pancakes are 'reputedly the best in town' and although I have no complaints about them, they're certainly nothing special compared to others I've had. The serving size of the noodles is also quite small (particularly for a table of 12) with not much duck meat to be seen, but it is nonetheless tasty and not too oily.

Sesame roll with finely chopped meat (4) - $16.80

We also get another Peking favourite - the sesame roll with mince, or as Mum likes to call it, "glasses pockets" (literal translation from Chinese).

Crystal pan fried dumplings

We want to order the pan fried pork dumplings but they don't have any of these tonight. To compensate we order the "crystal" dumplings which are similar but have a filling of prawns and chives which is quite bland and lacks the soupy interior of the pan fried pork dumplings.

Shan Tung picnic chicken - $16.80

Stir fried four season beans with mince pork, dried shrimp - $16.80

Shan Tung chicken is ordered, along with a serve of stir fried beans with pork and dried shrimp, both of which are delicious. I'm very happy that we also order the Pekingnese white noodles with shredded chicken, vegetables in a creamy soup as it is another one of my favourite dishes.

Shredded chicken, vegetables with Pekingnese white noodle in creamy soup - $12.80

And if that wasn't enough food already, we also order dessert! The crispy red bean pancake is one of Sir D's absolute favourite desserts and it doesn't disappoint. We have to wait a while for it but it was definitely worth it as it comes out piping hot with a resounding crunch as you bite into the pastry, particularly on the coveted corner pieces.

Crispy red bean pancake (Peking style) -$12.80

Since Peking Inn closed in Lindfield and reopened on smaller premises in Pymble, it is often hard to get a table especially on weekend nights so make sure you book in advance. The service is typical Chinese restaurant service and is probably not the best place for a romantic dinner, but the food is authentic Northern Chinese fare and leaves you full and satisfied.

Peking Inn
Shop 1015a Pacific Highway (opposite Pymble Hotel)
Pymble NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 91442997
Lunch: Tuesday - Saturday, 12-3pm
Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday, 5.30-10pm

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  1. It's funny you mention taking photos when out at dinner with the family. I have a pretty big family, so when ever we go out to dinner, like yourself we order too much food. My siblings used to get annoyed because I promised that i would take one pic of each item only, but always end up taking at least half a dozen. My reasoning is, at least there'll always have pictures to remind them what a great meal they had. hehehe they didn't fall for my lame excuse.

  2. Yep sharing is caring and I also love going out in large family groups! :P You know now that you mention it, the pastries do look like soft glasses cases!

  3. Hi Linda - I try to only take one photo of the food but then I end up taking quite a lot to get the perfect lighting and angle! My sister still gives me incredulous looks when I'm sitting at the dinner table taking photos of a bowl of soup or something =P

    Hi Lorraine - Going out with heaps of people is great because it means you can taste lots of different dishes. The resemblance to glasses cases is definitely there in the sesame pastries, isn't it!

  4. ooohhh i like this place..but it's soo expensive now... =(
    btw... your foodblog is making me fail the hsc... i'm addicted to reading these instead of study notes

  5. Hi Hilba - It's ok, the HSC isn't until next term anyway =P I think I used to like this place more back when it was in Lindfield

  6. wow where is this restaurant?
    the prices are so expensive!

  7. Hi Anonymous - It's located in Pymble, and it's not too expensive because all the dishes are designed to be shared amongst yourselves :)