8 October 2009

Lindt Chocolat Café, Sydney

One Friday afternoon in the city, Charm and I were in the mood for sugar. We headed over to Bacco Pasticceria in Chifley Plaza but alas, we'd come too late and they were pretty much sold out of their cakes! So the backup plan for our sugar hit ended up arriving in waffle form at Lindt Cafe.

Lindt Waffle: freshly made and served warm with Lindt vanilla white chocolate ice-cream and Chocolate Fudge sauce - $15.00

We weren't actually that hungry, so we only shared one waffle between the two of us. The soft, spongy waffle comes with a generous scoop of Lindt's vanilla white chocolate ice cream and their chocolate fudge sauce. If you look carefully you can see the flecks of vanilla in the ice cream which is delicious by itself but combined with the waffle and the chocolate sauce, it's a match made in heaven.

Charm doing the honours of pouring the Chocolate Fudge sauce over the waffle

Chocolatified Waffle =)

If you haven't tried the waffle at Lindt Cafe, go and get one because they are absolutely divine. Especially with the molten chocolate drizzled all over it. You know you want to ;)

Chocolate Milkshake blended with Lindt ice-cream - $7.00

To wash it down we also ordered a chocolate milkshake. It was the perfect accompaniment to the richness of the waffle because it was light and frothy. I loved the chocolate flakes and it was a nice surprise to find chocolate flakes hidden right at the bottom of the glass as well. These were hastily eaten up with the long silver spoon provided.

Lindt is the perfect place to go if you're after a chocolate fix - their hot chocolates and waffles are to die for! They also have a range of chocolate items for sale, including their famous Lindor balls and a containers of chocolate flakes to make your very own Lindt hot chocolate at home =)

Lindt Chocolat Café
259 George Street (cnr Jamison Street)
Suncorp Building
Sydney NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 90175400

Other locations:
Martin Place
53 Martin Place (cnr Phillip Street)
Sydney NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 82571600

Cockle Bay
104-105 Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 92678064

Kiosk 11, Level 2
Westfield Shoppingtown Miranda
tel (02) 9531 8180

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  1. i could do with an arvo sugar hit right now :-)

  2. mmm i love lindt waffles! the chocolate sauce is just so damn tasty!

  3. Hi Simon - Perhaps you should hit a Lindt Cafe for an afternoon pick-me-up if you're close by haha

    Hi chocolatesuze - Totally agree! It's like the waffle and ice cream and chocolate sauce were just made for each other ;)

  4. Ooh I would love of that waffle tonight -the weather is positively Wintery! Brrrr!

  5. Hi Lorraine - I know, it just suddenly got cold! Warm waffles with warm chocolate sauce would be perfect ;)

  6. oohhh your waffle just looks delish!
    but between max brenner and lindt waffles i'd go max b.... lindt ones are too delicate and they don't really have that crunch. though i have to say that lindt milkshakes/iced chocolates are so much better than the max b ones. i totally feel like chocolate now...

  7. Hi Hil - I think I have to agree with you that Max Brenner's waffles are slightly better because I like how they're sugar encrusted and dense! And yeah I think the Lindt cold drinks are better as well... the frappes at Max B are inconsistent and sometimes they're a bit watery =S

  8. I absolutely love the Lindt Cafe. The only problem is whenever I go there I want to have dessert first!