10 October 2009

Sushi Rio, Sydney

My sister Charm and I are both love our sushi. We ventured out to the city one Friday afternoon for lunch and we stumbled across Sushi Rio's lunch special where all sushi was $3! With a bargain like that we couldn't resist and so we abandoned our original lunch destination to eat at Sushi Rio.

The place was quite full but luckily when we went there was no line and we were seated promptly. One thing I like about Sushi Rio's setup is that their plates are grouped into categories according to the type of seafood/meat in the sushi. So all the salmon, prawn, tuna, chicken etc has its own little section of the train preceded by a sign saying what the section is. Pretty good for those unfamiliar with their sushi.

Raw salmon onion nigiri (normally $3.00)

We started off with the salmon onion nigiri which was very fresh and zigzagged with wasabi mayo.

Grilled eel nigiri (normally $3.50)

The eel nigiri is sweet and tender - the most tender eel I've ever had I think!

Raw scallop nigiri (normally $3.50)

I'm a sucker for anything with scallops so I grab the raw scallop nigiri with flying fish roe. The scallops are super fat and juicy.

Lobster salad gunkan (normally $4.50)

We try the lobster salad which has finley diced lobster with spring onions in a Thousand-Island-like sauce. This tasted pretty good except the lobster was so finely diced the usually springy texture of cooked lobster meat was lost.

Grilled salmon nigiri (normally $3.00)

Crumbed prawn nigiri (normally $3.00)

Still hungry, we also pulled the grilled salmon and crumbed prawn sushi off the train. The grilled salmon looked overcooked but was in fact seared perfectly. The crumbed prawn was still nice and crunchy and came with a generous dollop of Japanese mayo.

Scallop roll (normally $3.50)

Grilled salmon scallop cake (normally $3.50)

After a while the sushi on the train seemed to be unchanging, so we decided ask for a menu and order from it. I expected them to charge the normal price for the sushi that we ordered from the menu but it was still $3 which was a bonus! We got the scallop roll which was a slice of raw scallop with mayonnaise and flying fish roe on top of a crab stick and avocado sushi roll. This was best eaten in one mouthful since everything went so well together. We finished off with the grilled salmon scallop cake which was a flat sushi "cake" with cooked tuna as the filling and torched salmon and scallop on top of the rice.

Sushi Rio's lunch special includes all sushi for $3 and goes from 12pm-5pm everyday. They also have an izakaya style menu from which you can order bowls of noodles and other hot Japanese dishes. And if you're in a rush, you can get take-away and they will take 10% off the price of your order.

Sushi Rio

Shop 7, 339 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 92612388
Open Sunday - Thursday, 12pm-10pm, Friday - Saturday, 12pm-11pm

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  1. Sounds like there some good deals there especially with the lobster one (but yes chopped too finely and you can't discern the lovely lobster texture!). I've walked past and always meant to go in :)

  2. Hi Lorraine - Yeah, that's my one gripe with those lobster salads!

  3. oh the lunch deal is so cheap, and it goes for ages! Can even fit in an early dinner lol.

  4. Hi Howard - Yeah! It would turn out to be a pretty cheap dinner!