10 September 2009

Max Brenner, Sydney

Even though our meat-fest at
Löwenbräu Keller saw us rolling out the door, we were on the prowl for more food to satisfy our dessert stomachs. Max Brenner seemed like the perfect place to indulge in some sweet, chocolatey, post-dinner goodness - and also because we all sorely miss the bald man since his departure from Chatswood :(

Giant choc-almond cookie - $4.00

We manage to grab one of the last remaining tables and make our selections from the menu. Queen Chu chooses a chocolate chip cookie which she generously shares with everyone. It's got pretty good crunch factor and I love the extra melted chocolate drizzled on top. Sir D and I end up scraping the plate with spoons just to get at all the chocolate!

Italian thick hot chocolate (milk) - $5.50

Queen Chu and I initially decide on getting a hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls but alas they've run out of the waffle balls! So we revert to plan B - Queen Chu gets a limited edition milk hazelnut hot chocolate (since she loves everything hazelnut) and I get the Italian thick milk hot chocolate which is lusciously thick and creamy. It gets a bit sickeningly sweet towards the end though so next time I might go for dark chocolate.

Classic hot chocolate (dark) - $5.00

Sir D and d.skipper.w opt for the classic hot chocolates which are packed full of chocolate and oh so smooth.

I manage to get 10 stamps on my Max Brenner card which means you get a free suckao or Max Brenner pralines. I usually get the suckao but this time I'm keen on trying their pralines. They have quite a large selection with some interesting flavours like cornflakes and pepper and elderflower honey. The shop assistant gets out a pair of gloves to hand pick the pralines and puts them in a cute little box for me to take home.

Max Brenner box of pralines - free with every 10 drink purchases on loyalty card

The praline cream mixed with cornflakes and pepper is delicious with a nice crunchy texture from the cornflakes. I think I can taste pepper towards the end but it's so subtle that I'm not sure if it's actually there or it's my imagination... but nevertheless this is my favourite out of all of the pralines.

Praline cream with cornflakes and pepper; Dark chocolate ganache with elderflower honey

The dark chocolate ganache with elderflower honey has an interesting flavour and tastes quite different from regular honey. The honey also makes it less sweet than the other pralines.

Dark chocolate truffle; Praline cream mixed with peanut butter

The dark chocolate truffle is silky smooth with a dark chocolate flavour that's not too bitter, and the praline cream mixed with peanut butter tastes has quite a distinct peanut butter flavour (sort of like Reese's peanut butter cups) but smoother and creamier.

All the pralines are delicious and leave me wanting to try more flavours, especially the more unique ones that you don't see in other chocolate shops. If only I could visit Max more often for my chocolate fix!

Max Brenner
Shop MG 24, Metcentre
273 George Street
Sydney NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 92517788
Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 7.30am- 11pm
Friday, 7.30am-midnight
Saturday, 9am-midnight
Sunday, 9am-11pm

Other locations: Blacktown, Bondi Junction, Castle Hill, Manly, Paddington, Parramatta, St Ives, Sydney (David Jones Elizabeth Street store)

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  1. I've missed Max since they moved from Chatswood too! And the David Jones one just isn't the same with its pipes overhead and queer fluorescent lighting...

    The pralines sound awesome!

  2. Hi Shez - Yeah the DJ's one is a bit strange... I guess they were trying to put all their usual decorations like the vats of melted chocolate into a small, cramped space and it just didn't quite work out!

  3. Max bernner's been my quickest chocolate fix for my craving. I'm quite happy with the fact they have now handful of locations :)

    Came to think of it, I always have hot chocolate and other dessert dishes, but never looked throughly at any cold drinks there.

  4. Hi Yas - If you ever go to Max Brenner's on a hot day you should try the frappe's! Great as an ice cold chocolatey drink =)

  5. I really should try more from Max Brenner but I always seem to buy the $2 chocolate licks. I never understood why the Chatswood store closed down-it always seemed busy!

  6. Hi Lorraine - I love the $2 chocolate licks but they always leave me wanting more! ;)

  7. Wow! How good do those chocolates look? Absolutely amazing.