14 September 2009

Pasticceria Papa, Haberfield

I don't travel out to the inner west often, but whenever I do I'm sure to make the most of it! Sir D and I were out in Ashfield to celebrate a 21st and when I realised that Pasticceria Papa was just across the road, a visit was definitely on the cards.

Carol's delicious pavlovas and pecan tarts

Having consumed some delicious finger food at the party made by the birthday girl herself, we decided to get some goodies from Pasticceria Papa to take-away rather than eating there since we were quite full. Although we arrived there 30 minutes before closing time, the store was still buzzing with people drinking coffee and of course eating slices of their infamous ricotta cheesecake.

Plenty of ricotta cheesecake to go around =)

At first I was worried I was going to miss out on ricotta cheesecake since we arrived so late but thankfully they still had about 6 cakes sitting in the glass cabinet. After looking at all the biscuits and pastries whilst waiting in the long queue, I ordered a slice of ricotta cheesecake to takeaway, plus a few other things which took my fancy.

I excitedly opened all the boxes and paper bags full of our bounty when we got home. The first thing I tasted was the ricotta cheesecake. Usually I find cheesecakes quite heavy but this one had an nice sugar-dusted pastry with a light, creamy ricotta filling that wasn't overly rich, and left me wanting more! A must-have if you're visiting Pasticceria Papa.

Slice of ricotta cheesecake - $3.50 (takeaway)

Next up was the cannoli. I wanted to get a ricotta filled cannoli but they had run out so I settled for the chocolate one. Unfortunately the filling was a bit bland but the pastry was definitely the star. It was deliciously crunchy and was so good that I would eat it by itself with just a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Mixed biscuits (left to right): Margherito cioccolate ($2.00), Cannoli ($2.00), Baci ($1.90)

I also chose the margherito cioccolate, which was two biscuits fused together with dark chocolate, and dipped in dark chocolate at one end. The biscuits were buttery and shortbread-like, and were really crunchy. The chocolate was also a nice touch to the biscuit.

The last item I chose purely because it looked interesting. The baci was like the Perugina Baci chocolates - a whole hazelnut encapsulated by hazelnut praline and a thick dark chocolate coating. This one was richer than the normal Baci chocolates and was dotted with chopped hazelnuts.

All of the cakes and biscuits were delicious and were definitely worth the trip! Now that I finally understand what the hype over Pasticceria Papa's ricotta cheesecake is all about, I'm waiting in anticipation for our next trip to Haberfield =)

Pasticceria Papa
145 Ramsay Street
Haberfield, NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 97986894
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8am-6pm
Saturday, 7.30am-5pm
Sunday, 7.30am-1pm

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  1. I want that cheesecakee!!! but so farrr X| haha

  2. It's a great cheesecake isn't it and apparently impossible to duplicate!

  3. i think i've had the ricotta cheesecake ages ago. i'll have to retry for my blog. have you tried Pasticceria Tamborrino for their ricotta cannoli? http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2008/12/pasticceria-tamborrino-20-dec-2008.html :-)

  4. Ooooh yum, I keep hearing so many great things about this ricotta cheesecake! I really need to go check it out. I'm with you on finding some cheesecakes very heavy, but that one sounds perfect. If only it wasn't in Haberfield!!

  5. hee! my happy place! the cheesecake is so freaking awesome!

  6. Hi Here Comes - It is a bit far but well worth the trip!

    Hi Lorraine - Have lots of people tried to duplicate it? It seems pretty complex so I imagine it would be pretty hard!

    Hi Simon Food Favourites - Definitely go and retry it ;) I haven't tried Pasticceria Tamborrino but I've heard that their cannoli is really good!

    Hi Stephcookie - Yeah, it's a shame that it's so far away but I guess it makes it extra special when you do finally get to eat it =)

    Hi chocolatesuze - Haha great happy place you've got there ;)

  7. Oh so tasty looking! I'm not normally a cheesecake fan so I neglected to try the ricotta cheesecake the last time I was there. Massive. Error! The cannoli are lovely though, especially the ricotta filled one.

  8. Hi shez - Haha you must try the ricotta cheesecake next time! I love the cannoli pastry and the ricotta one sounds great... shame I got there too late and they ran out.

  9. many others shops in the area give you
    much better attention and quality.
    They are too Busy and arrogants . . .