2 September 2009

The Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont

On an uncharacteristically warm (28ºC!) Sunday in winter, I had a craving. For seafood. And what better place to get fresh seafood than the Sydney Fish Markets? I don't go to the fish markets that often but when we do I get super excited because I know it means dozens of freshly shucked oysters, usually some sashimi, prawns, and the occasional crab or lobster. My idea of heaven!

Fresh sashimi cuts at Peter's Fish Market

Cooked and fresh blue swimmer crab

We walked around to the main arcade in the fish markets to see what they had in store today. First stop: Peter's Fish Market which is up the back of the arcade opposite the deli. They had a lovely neat sashimi section here and although the sashimi cuts looked delicious, we usually get our sashimi from Claudio's.

Deep fried food at the Fish Market Sushi Bar

We were here for lunch, so we stopped by the Sushi Bar and grabbed some soft shell crabs which are the cheapest I've seen at only $4.90 each.

Freshly shucked oysters at Christie's Seafood

Next stop: Christie's Seafood. This is the first shop on the left as you walk into the main arcade and you can't miss it because there's a dude right at the front shucking oysters.

Port Stephens Pacific Oysters - $12.90/doz

Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters - $17.90/doz

This is our go-to place for oysters - they usually have quite a wide range on offer and they're superbly fresh. Although they mostly have Pacific oysters today, they have a small selection of Sydney Rock oysters because I think we're getting to the part of the year where they're in season. I definitely prefer the creamy, sweeter taste of the Pacific oysters, but seriously give me any oyster and I'll eat it! Today we get Port Stephens oysters ($12.90/doz) and St Helens oysters ($14.90/doz).

Claudio's Seafoods: "If it was any fresher it would still be swimming!"

We then head out to Claudio's to get our sashimi. We have a look around inside and today they have live marrons for sale which I've never seen before. They're still crawling around inside the tub and Sir D is game enough to pick one up.

Live marron (a type of freshwater crayfish)

Sir D and the marron

"Argh let me go! LET ME GO!"

I grab some blue mussels for tonight's dinner and we also get some fresh salmon sashimi for lunch.

Blue mussels at Claudio's Seafoods - $8.90/kg

Sashimi section at Claudio's Seafoods

There are so many people here today it takes us a while to find somewhere to sit and eat our goodies. We start off with the freshly shucked Port Stephens Pacific oysters which are deliciously creamy and fresh.

Port Stephens Pacific Oysters from Christie's Seafoods - $12.90/doz

We open up the bag with the sashimi to find that it hasn't been sliced up (even though I'm pretty sure we asked them to...) so we take it back to Claudio's to get them to slice it for us, which they do without any fuss. I am a sashimi fiend and I reckon I could eat a whole raw salmon fillet by myself so of course this gets the thumbs up from me =)

Salmon sashimi from Claudio's Seafood - $39.99/kg

We also buy some seaweed salad from Claudio's which has a nice sesame and chilli flavour, and we find it is much fresher than Ja's seaweed salad which he bought from the Sushi Bar, even though it was the same price (I think).

Seaweed salad from Claudio's Seafood - $3.00

Lastly I tackle my soft shell crab. It's gone a bit soggy because he's been in the paper bag for a while but it's still quite crunchy with a decent amount of crab meat inside.

Soft shell crab from the Fish Market Sushi Bar - $4.90

We leave to vacate our seats to other people wandering around with food and no place to sit and also to avoid having to pay a hefty parking fee. Come to the Sydney Fish Markets if you're after fresher than fresh seafood but be warned that the crowds do build up quite a bit towards lunchtime and on weekends. I'm satisfied with my lovely fresh seafood lunch but there's even more to come for dinner - another dozen oysters and mussels! Yay!

Sydney Fish Markets
Bank Street
Pyrmont, NSW

Christie's Seafoods Pty Limited
Ph: +61 (02) 95523333
Open 7am-4pm daily

Claudio's Quality Seafoods
Ph: +61 (02) 96605188
Open 7am-4pm weekdays, 7am-4.30pm weekends

Peter's Fish Market
Ph: +61 (02) 95522555
Open 7am-4pm daily

Sushi Bar
Ph: +61 (02) 95522269
Open 7am-4pm daily

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  1. i love my coffin bay oysters. i think i go to the same place every time. they always look the best and seem to be freshly shucked. they look so much better in those black trays too. :-)

  2. Hi Simon Food Favourites - I think I need to do a direct comparison to find out which oyster is my favourite =D And now that you mention it, they do look quite nice on those black trays!

  3. I like to go every now and then even though I'm not the biggest seafood fan. I like buying a crab and getting them to cook it as well, I think it;s an extra $10.

  4. Hmm it's time for me to go down there to get a slab of fresh tuna. Me love freshly cooked Tuna Tataki home!

  5. Hi Howard - Oh wow I didn't know you could get them to cook fresh seafood for you on the spot! Must try that some day =)

    Hi Yas - Mmm I love fresh tuna! Unfortunately I don't know how to cook tuna tataki - maybe you should post it on your blog as another of your late night cooking adventures =D

  6. hahahahaa wow my idea of heaven is exactly the same as yours! Ooh and to top it all off, pat and sticks ice cream with chocolate dipped strawberries are necessary. LOL I feel like fish markets now.

  7. Hi Linda - Haha I wonder if heaven is actually like that =P I didn't know that they had pat and sticks ice cream at the fish markets! Must check it out next time hehe